At a glance

Accessible parking bay Four
Parking (within 200m) Yes
Level access entrance Yes
Entry Open Plan
Direct access to reception Yes
Accessible toilets Six or more
Hearing support system Yes



There are two options to access Gympie ARC:

  1. A carpark off Tozer Park Road and up the Zig Zag ramp designed for easy of wheel chairs
  2. On Street parking on Tozer Park Road and through the main brick work entrance

Gympie ARC garden


There are two designated accessible parking bays directly out the front of the entrance

There are an additional two designated accessible parking bays at the bottom of the ramp leading into the off street carpark on Tozer Park Road.

gympie arc parking

Gympie ARC entrance


The entrance is accessible.

gympie arc front

Toilets, Changerooms and Showers

Toilets and changerooms can be found in three places throughout the facility:

  • In the indoor pool
  • At the right off the entrance way leading towards the Health Club
  • At the far end of the facility designated changerooms and toilets for the outdoor pool

gympie arc toilets

gympie arc toilets access


Outdoor 50 metre pool with access ramp or stairs;
Indoor 25 metre pool with access ramp or stairs;

gympie arc pool

Meeting Rooms

There is community meeting room which is accessible.


There is a café  which is an accessible area.

gympie arc cafe

Specialist Equipment

Mobile pool hoist for the warm water 25 metre indoor pool or can be moved to the 50 metre outdoor pool.

gympie arc specialist equipment

Additional information

  • Carers Card and the separate Companion Card are accepted at Gympie ARC. Speak to Gympie ARC customer service for information.