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School Reward + Fun Days

We welcome schools to come in and use our facility for their fun days. We have a number of different facilities available to the schools.

  • 50m Pool
  • 25m Pool
  • Waterslides
  • Splash Play area
  • Café facilities
  • Decking areas
  • BBQ Facilities

How to make a booking?

A booking form will need to be filled out and sent through to along with a signed copy of this information sheet. Please clearly indicate one contact person to represent your school/organisation for the booking and what facilities you would like available to your booking and we will respond with a quote for the total cost of the day.

25m pool and the splash play area are not able to be book exclusively, we are able to book out a number of lanes in the 25m pool but will need to have a number of lanes available to the public.
Fees and Charges*

  • Adult Entry: $5.00
  • Concession & Child Entry: $3.50
  • Spectator: $2.00
  • Waterslides - $150/hour
  • BBQ Area with Tables: $20/hour
  • Decking area: $20/hour


We welcome parents and families into the centre, a small fee will be charged upon entry.


Riders must be 1.2m or taller to ride the waterslides, no tandem riding.

Keep Watch Program

Children under 5years of age need to have an adult within arm’s reach.
Children aged between 6 and 10 need to be actively supervised by an adult while in the water.


An invoice will be generated after your visit where payment will be required within 7 days of the invoice being issued.

Risk Management and Emergency Evacuation

As an element of booking the school/event personnel are required to undertake and document a risk assessment and create an action plan that all personnel involved in the program are trained in.
Belgravia Leisure has documented emergency action and evacuation plans. Staff are trained regularly in implementation. In the event of an emergency please follow all directions of Chief and Area Wardens.


The Booking Form form should be returned signed with your requested dates. Following this, a Gympie ARC representative will be in touch to confirm and make further arrangements.